Are You Letting Heat Escape Out Of Your Roof?
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Are You Letting Heat Escape Out Of Your Roof?

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Are you letting heat escape out of your roof

Have you been checking your electric bill and it seems to be rising higher and higher? It may be that the heat in your home is going somewhere other than staying in your home, possibly through your roof. There are many ways that this can happen and we will discuss them down below, but it is something that you should pay attention to if you suspect that your losing air somewhere. Checking your roof is one thing, but you should also be sure that your HVAC system is working correctly or get a thermostat repair before you assume it is your roof with the issue.

What Can Cause An Opening In Your Roof?

Roof Damage – Roof damage can happen a bunch of different ways and you may not even know it has happened. Unless you can see out from inside or out, there may be no way that you know if water, outside air or heat, is coming into your home.

Hail – Hail can hot your roof very hard and even penetrate the material. This means that after a huge hail storm, it is probably wise to take a quick look up there and see if any damage has occured or get a roof inspection done to check out the damage to make sure that heat is leaving this way.

Storms – Storms can knock over things like trees and send branches right through your roof.

Age – An old roof can just fall apart over time and leave gaping holes or even small openings for air to come and go from.

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