Urethane Modified Acrylic Installation

Do you desire one of the greatest roofing solutions the industry has available? Though acrylic roof coatings dry quickly, this new urethane modified acrylic coating cures quicker still in a measly 2 – 6 hours. Dial 919-823-6253 today to ask us about our cost-effective application process, or if you would like to get an estimate for urethane modified acrylic in Raleigh, NC! To find out more about the different ways that your structure can benefit from this new roofing solution, continue reading below!

Top Quality Roofing System

Similar to other acrylic and urethane coatings, this improved coating is also quite capable of delivering protection from leaks as well as other damages. Unlike those alternative coatings, however, this material can endure for longer, as well as provide superior protection. This product is additionally extremely adaptable, so if you want it to be applied to varying roof materials, accommodations are available. If you need a flexible roof system, this urethane modified acrylic coating keeps that flexible characteristic throughout all acrylics. In regards to protection, a flexible roof can provide improved coverage in extreme temperatures. This roofing is so dependable, it has a manufacturer warranty for up to eighteen years! This lower-maintenance coating also reinforces your roof with protection from the sun, which leads to fantastic energy efficiency. Urethane modified acrylic coating deflects 85% of sunlight away from the roofing’s surface, making it one of the more energy efficient roof coatings in the industry.

Urethane Modified Roofing in Raleigh, NC
A Urethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coating Is One Of The Strongest Out There.

Why sit around waiting for your existing roof system to disappoint you, when you can get a dependable new roofing coating by calling us at 919-823-6253! We’re among the few contractors providing this new roofing coating option in the community. Count on our team to supply you with the urethane modified acrylic in Raleigh, NC you need! One of the best parts of this roofing system is that you can add it to almost any roof material, which includes metal roof systems! We want you to receive the benefits of a roof system that will endure for a long time, and provide you with the protection you need!