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Corrugated metal roofs used to be only for old storage sheds or barns, but the modern corrugated metal panels on the market today are dependable and affordable for any commercial structure. We provide cost-effective commercial corrugated metal roof installation in Raleigh, NC to our customers that are interested in this resilient roofing material. Among all of the available metal materials for metal roofing, corrugated metal is one of the most requested, just because it is very affordable, despite how effective it is. To get an estimate, or to begin, contact the office at (919) 457-9089!

Types Of Corrugated Metal Roofs

Commercial Corrugated Roof

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If you’re considering corrugated roofing, you will have a few choices, but the most often utilized items are the U panel and the R panel. Both provide exceptional durability but, are aesthetically varied. In terms of minimal maintenance roofing, R panel roofs are one of the best, along with impressively strong. R panel roofing is generally installed directly over the existing roof material and can last for upwards of 50 years.

Metal roofing materials are generally 29 gauge, but if you purchase a U panel option, you should expect 26 gauge panels instead. Because of their aesthetic appeal, the panels remain the top option for business fronts, and their lustrous finish can provide boosted energy efficiency. As with the R panels, you can install this system directly over an existing system, so installation is very fast. If something such as rust damages your roofing system, we can provide speedy and affordable corrugated metal roof repair.

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Energy efficiency, as well as durability, are both essential characteristics of a roof, and metal roofing will provide you with both qualities. Through all of the varieties on the market, metal roofing till holds its own against the competition in terms of aesthetics and longevity. The metal corrugated roofing specialists at Roofwise are here to respond to any questions that you might have regarding metal roofs. We are here to supply you with a top quality commercial corrugated metal roof installation in Raleigh, NC or the surrounding areas, so don’t wait; give us a call now at (919) 457-9089!