Foam Roof Repair

Are you hoping to restore your commercial roofing with a more effective roofing solution? For a system that has easy installation, as well as a seamless finish, consider our polyurethane foam roof systems! Sprayed as a liquid, this roof system is formed by combining isocyanate with polyol, and is then sealed with an elastomeric topcoat for a durable finish. Designed specifically for commercial roofs, this system offers impressive leak protection because it is seamless, and increased UV protection because of its high sheen. Contact the pros at 919-823-6253 and ask about Roofwise‘s foam roofing installation in Raleigh, NC today! We would be happy to go over all of your options with you so that you know exactly what you are getting and are confident with the choice you ultimately decide on.

Perks Of A Foam Roof

In order to offer dependable protection from rain, most commercial roofs are covered with layers of roofing material that are sealed by bonded seams. While roof seams can weaken over time and allow water to seep through, that is no longer a problem when you choose a foam roof system, as it is installed seamlessly. Additionally, foam coatings are incredibly flexible, meaning that they can be sprayed on nearly any service, and fit around rooftop protrusions easily.With a few different kinds of foam roofing like SPF foam roofing, you can choose the best one for you. A foam roof installation can even last for over two decades when installing correctly, and this lightweight roofing solution requires very little maintenance.

Foam Roofing
Foam Roofing Is a Great Way To Keep Your Roof Protected.

Reliable Foam Roof System Installation

For an affordable and effective choice that can be applied in a short amount of time, we typically recommend foam roofing for commercial roof systems. Through the lifespan of this roofing solution, you will receive many perks, one of which is improved energy efficiency! Foam roofing effortlessly reflects sunlight with its bright and glossy surface, and this keeps the A/C for the building working more effectively, which helps lower your energy bills. Saving money is great, and with foam roofing, saving up to 30% on energy bills has never been easier. When you’d like to learn more about effective commercial roof solutions, contact us at 919-823-6253 and ask about our foam roofing installation in Raleigh, NC!