Green Roof Installation Service

Have you been experiencing increasingly high energy bills for your commercial building, possibly caused by your old roof? Our green roof installation in Raleigh, NC is a great way to cut back on energy expenses, as well as lessen your business’ environmental impact. With plenty of experience, our roofers can assist you with a wide selection of roofing services, such as green roofing and cool roofing. Contact 919-823-6253 now to talk to one of our professionals about the variety of roofing services we provide.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Despite how commonly the phrase green roofing is used, it can be hard to determine precisely what that means, as it is often used in varying contexts. Roof coatings are a common example of green roofing solutions, as they essentially reduce the impact a structure has on the environment, and they allow the structure to consume less energy. Thrown away roof materials clog landfills with large quantities of waste that stays for decades, but roof coating applications do not require roof removal, which reduces waste. Furthermore, roof coatings can bolster a building’s UV resistance, which in turn leads to lowered energy waste. Through those ways, roof coatings are considered a green roofing option.

Green Roof Installation Service
Green Roofs Are Great For The Environment.
Sometimes, you will also hear the phrase green roofing used in reference to roof systems that are literally green, due to vegetation. More commonly used in European cities, these roof systems provide a dual responsibility of both cooling the building, as well as the air surrounding the building. Roofs with organic vegetation have been shown to reduce temperatures within densely populated cities quite effectively. Urban cities consume a lot of space, but green roof systems provide ample space to grow native plant varieties. Through the reduction of greenhouse gases as well as the urban heat effect, these roof systems are recognized as an additional type of green roof installation. Some structures even use their green roofing systems to plant vegetable gardens or form habitats for threatened bird species.

Green Roofing at Its Finest

If you’re interested in discovering more about green roof installation in Raleigh, NC, give our office a call now at 919-823-6253! If you’re interested in green roofing options, our crew of experienced roof contractors is happy to help you. At Roofwise, we only use the highest quality of materials as well, since we know that only the highest quality materials can create the best roof systems.