How Do You Care For A Flat Roof?
Flat roof with skylight and hydro insulation membranes

How Do You Care For A Flat Roof?

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What Do You Use to Clean a TPO Roof?

It needs to be said that a building owner invests time and money into their low slope roof installation. Yet it is also true that the time and money investment don’t end after the roof installation. As a matter of fact, commercial roof cleaning needs to be completed at least twice a year in order to keep the roof performing well for a long time. Your roofing contractor will use a number of tools in order to execute the cleaning process properly. These tools include utilizing a low-pressure washer with a mild cleaning detergent. It is recommended for contractors to use a soft-bristled, long-handled brush or floor broom with a cleaning solution consisting of mild, non-abrasive household detergent and water to clean the surface of the roof membrane.


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How Do You Protect a Flat Roof?

The flat roof on your building not only protects the physical structure, but it also protects the investments you have made in your business. There are a number of ways for owners of flat roofs to protect these protective structures. The first step? Educate yourself about the specific roofing material you have on your roof. After all, each roof surface type and waterproofing material has its own challenges and advantages. Another step that business owners can take is to inspect their roof on a twice-yearly basis. This can assist business owners with the ability to discern upcoming roof problems and get the roofing repairs necessary.

Should I Remove Moss From My Flat Roof?

It is true that a flat roof of any kind of material can become a host to moss. While moss may seem to be relatively harmless compared to other invaders, moss can shorten the life of wood, metal, asphalt, concrete or clay roofs simply through encouraging the pooling water to stick around in the shallow root system. This aggregate effect of the water actually slowly deteriorates the surface of the roof, as water has a habit of infiltrating roofing membranes over time. In order to remove moss, use a bleach and water combination. Knock away any large clumps of moss, and to any remaining fragments, please spray or apply the water/bleach combination. The moss will turn brown in minutes, and then you can hose the area down with water and check. Please repeat until all the moss is gone.

Can You Pressure Wash A TPO Roof?

Pressure washing a TPO roof is certainly possible, but please read further in order to maximize results. Protecting the TPO roof through regular maintenance is important, but also be careful to utilize the correct methodology in order to protect the roofing membrane itself during the process. Only trained professionals should be allowed to conduct roof washing. This recommendation stems from safety and effectiveness concerns. During the roof washing process, protect any low curbs, base flashings, or other points where water could enter through the use of a pressure washer. Run-off from the cleaning solution will kill plants, so all desired plants need to be removed. Contractors typically utilize a low-pressure washer to rinse off the top layers of dust, then use a soft-bristled brush to remove any remaining detritus.

The remainder of the cleaning solution will be removed with water from the low-pressure washer. Mechanical dirt lifting abrasion is another recommended cleaning process for TPO roofs.

How Long Will a Flat Roof Last?

Generally speaking, flat roofs usually come with a ten to twenty-year warranty, but the roofs themselves can last twenty-five years or more if properly installed and maintained. After all, the lifetime of a flat roof depends on various factors. If water is left to pool on the surface of the roof for long periods of uninterrupted time, that will produce a negative impact on the life of the roof. All repairs and cleanings need to be completed in a timely fashion. Speaking of things that should last, your air conditioning unit is important. Through using routine ac maintenance you can create an environment where your air conditioning unit will last for years to come.

Flat Roof Cleaning Services

Commercial roof cleaning, with a special emphasis on commercial preventative roof maintenance, is important for creating a long-lasting roof environment. It is important to note that the roof of the building is the first defense against torrential rains, snows, wind, and hail. Add to that, the potential damage of prolonged UV rays from the sun. Given this fact, it is important to establish a healthy regimen of roof maintenance. Clean roofs maintain a lower surface temperature which not only prolongs the life of the roof, it also helps to reduce energy consumption on hot weather days. Flat roof cleaning services can be procured easily with the correct research methods. 


Roof Cleaning Is It Necessary

Roof cleaning is indeed necessary. For Raleigh, NC commercial roof cleaning is available. Roof cleaning creates an optimum environment for the roof. Roofs need to be free of moisture, and the causes that can create lingering effects, such as moss. Roof cleaning can also expose sources of roof damage, making it easier to address roof repairs in a timely manner. Do you have employees? If so, they stand to benefit from a roof cleaning, since mold and algae can grow on the surface of a roof, and eventually penetrate, sickening the employees. Protect the health of your employees and your building structure by initiating the roof cleaning process with a local roofing company.

Roof Cleaning and Painting

It is important for the roof cleaning company that an individual selects to utilize a gentle but thorough approach for your flat roof. This is because moss needs to be thoroughly removed, not blasted around the roof with a high-intensity pressure washer. An effective roof cleaning solution will eradicate all mildew, fungus, mold, and algae, including the microscopic spores that are produced by these fungi. After a proper roof cleaning, a new coat of paint may be in store. Ask your local roof cleaning services whether or not a new roof paint coating would benefit the surface of your roof.

Roof Cleaning How-To

Please consult the following list with regard to how your local roofing contractors will clean the surface of your roof.

  • Once all the leaves and debris have been brushed away, only revealing a layer of dust and dirt underneath, the contractors can then initiate the next stage of the process.
  • All flashing and sensitive plants and structures will need to be protected and covered during the process.
  • Your roofer will utilize a low-impact cleaning solution that matches the water-proofing needs of your roof, and apply it in a sensitive but thorough manner. Pressure washers may be utilized for roof cleaning, but they should be applied at a low PSI (pounds per square inch.)

Do you have a commercial roof cleaning on your business agenda? Our staff at Roofwise are ready to take your phone call at 919-823-6253. Receive an exemplary commercial roof cleaning in Raleigh, NC with our qualified roofers.