Is Your Roof Saving You Money?
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Is Your Roof Saving You Money?

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Everyone is always looking for the best way to save money, but did you ever think that a way to do that would be on your roof? When trying to lower your energy bill on your commercial roof, you should consider where your heart and cool air is going. If you have a roof that doesn’t do a great job at sealing in or out air, that’s where it’s going. When you have a roof that is fully sealed and has the ability to reflect the sun’s UV rays, you can cool your roof down and help keep those heating and cooling prices down lower because the air that you have inside, stays inside.

Is your roof saving you money

Roofing That Can Help Your Energy Bill

Roof Coating – Roof coatings are made to enhance your roof, not necessarily be one itself. That means that when you have a roof coating applied, it will do something for your roof. Many of them are able to use their reflective technology to reflect the sun’s uv rays right off of it so the top does not get as hot.

Green Roof – A green roof is one of the best ways to save money and make a better environment for everyone around you. Green roofing can be one of two things: actual live plants on your roof or a roof that has been rated economical.

Spray Foam – Spray foam roofing is a great way to seal everything out and also in. That means that there are no seams for air to push through and you won’t lose any air inside your building to the outside.

Single Ply – Single ply installation can help to reflect the sun’s uv rays and help to lower your heating and cooling bills.

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