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In regards to roof systems that can accommodate both homes and businesses, metal roofs are the industry leader. This roofing material can sometimes supply you with lower insurance rates thanks to how well it defends against wind, fire, and also hail. There are even plenty of styles as well as colors to pick from, so you know you don’t have to sacrifice style for reliability. At Roofwise, we provide a wide variety of options for metal roof installation in Raleigh, NC, and we’re happy to answer any inquiries you might have. The roof you want is only one phone conversation away, so dial 919-823-6253 today to speak with an expert roofing contractor!

Metal Roof Repair Services

Metal Roofing in Raleigh, NC
A Metal Roof Is a Great Way To Protect Your Home Or Business For Many Years.

While there are many kinds of metal roofing to pick from, any of them offer a fairly consistent amount of resilient protection. It isn’t likely, but there are occasional things that can harm your metal roof, besides the passing of time. When you do happen to need metal roof repair, you can expect the repairs to be fairly simple, such as replacing a single section. Also, the only metal roof systems that need frequent repairs are roof systems that weren’t correctly installed, so be sure that your metal roof installation is performed by qualified professionals. Listed here, you can check out some of the metal roofing services we offer to our customers.

Aluminum is used as a material in many businesses because it’s dependable, resistant to corrosion, and super lightweight.

Since metal roofs need so little maintenance, they are great options for commercial buildings.

Copper is a valuable metal that is considered a premium roof material, since it retains so much of its value after installation.

Residential and commercial building alike can benefit from a corrugated metal roof installation.

This variety of standing seam metal roof is chosen for steeper slope roofs, and is less expensive than snap lock.

Metal shingles are the perfect solution for clients that hope to have a metal roof system, but want the end result to look like a traditional roof system.

Residential metal roofs are a very modern as well as dependable roof solution that provides a large amount of value as well as a fortification to the home.

If you are searching for a standing seam variety that is easily applied and is designed for low slope roofs, then a snap lock roof might be ideal.

When looking at metal roofs, standing seam metal always stands as one of the most preferred.

When picking a steel roofing material, you can pick from either galvanized or galvalume steel.

Stone coated steel provides your roof with the look of stone or tile, but a much lower expense instead.

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At Roofwise, we provide many types of roofing, which includes metal roofing. As local contractors, we are extremely experienced in providing metal roof repair as well as installation services to houses and businesses in our community. If you need a roof that will last for much longer than asphalt shingles, and protect nearly as well as top-quality clay roof tiles, metal is your ideal roof solution. If you need metal roof installation in Raleigh, NC, we can provide you with fantastic options like aluminum, standing seam, and so much more! Dial 919-823-6253 today to discover more about your metal roofing options, or to ask for a quote.

Metal Roofing
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