Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Professionals

When it comes to standing seam metal roof systems, there are several different options available that cater to different needs. Since the options are so alike, we have written this section to go over the distinctions of the mechanical lock metal roof panel. Most importantly, mechanical lock metal roofing is less expensive, and a preferred material for lower sloped roofing systems. To get your own mechanical lock metal roof in Raleigh, NC, speak with the professionals at Roofwise for advice. We’re available at 919-823-6253 to talk about your needs, and to help you figure out which standing seam metal roof option is ideal for your requirements and price-range.

Various Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Systems

If you have already decided on a standing seam metal roof system, the next step is to pick between snap lock metal panels or mechanical lock metal panels. Snap locks are speedy and dependable options for roof systems with steep slopes, but if you need to protect a low slope roof, you need to pick a mechanical lock metal roof system. Though your mechanical lock metal roofing won’t be installed as fast as a basic snap lock system, you can rely on it to cost less. However, no matter which variety you choose, you’ll get reliable protection either way. Furthermore, as with any type of metal roof, energy efficiency is guaranteed benefit, in addition to minimal maintenance needs. Additionally like many metal roofing materials, these panels can be utilized interchangeably on both commercial and home roofing systems.

Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Systems
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While roof materials such as asphalt shingles and single ply membranes endure around two decades or so, standing seam metal varieties can last 40 years or more. For this reason, you’ll understandably experience a slightly higher cost for the initial installation. However, for the lifetime of your mechanical lock metal roofing, you will spend less on repair, less on maintenance, and less on replacing it. Speak to a contractor at 919-823-6253 today if you’re interested in finding out more about the various standing seam materials available. To order your mechanical lock metal roof in Raleigh, NC, get in touch with the Roofwise roofing team today!