Get No Mess Roofing with the Equipter RB4000

What’s one of the biggest hassles that come with having to work with a roofer in Raleigh, NC? The days and weeks spent having your home and surrounding property look like a tornado just blew through. When doing a roof repair or replacement, we at Roofwise often have to remove much of the existing materials. Now, most roofing companies will bring a dumpster or container in which to dispose of it all, yet how much of it is going to end up striking your siding or windows on the way down, or sitting on your lawn? When you choose to work with us, none of it will.

Introducing the Equipter RB4000

We’ve recently incorporated a remarkable new resource into our operations: the Equipter RB4000. This state-of-the-art new roofing trailer helps better ensure the safety of our team and the orderliness of your project. Here’s how it works:

Equipter Roofing Trailer in Raleigh
We Use the Equipter Roofing Trailer to Keep Your Property Clean While We Fix Your Roof.
  • Our team tows the Equipter to the job site.
  • We position the self-propelled trailer next to your home. Its bed is designed to roll back 4 feet off the frame, allowing it extend over the top of your flowers and shrubs without damaging them.
  • Once it’s in position, we can raise the Equipter’s container up to 12 feet, placing it at the exact level of your roof.
  • Rather than simply throwing your old roofing materials down, we simply place them in the Equipter’s container, which has a carrying capacity of 4 cubic yards.
  • After filling the Equipter container, we lower it and neatly dump its contents into the dumpster.
  • The Equipter’s compact design let us position it in areas as small as 6 feet wide, allowing us to use it on almost any job site.

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We here at Roofwise understand how difficult it may be to allow strangers into and onto your home to perform roof repair. That’s why we strive to make our presence felt as little as possible. Tools like the Equipter allow us to do just that. We make it as though you barely know we’re there during your roofing project. To find out more about the resources we use during our roof repairs, give us a call at 919-823-6253 in Raleigh, NC, or take a moment and fill out our convenient online contact form.