Roof Installation Services

Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation

We offer Professional Roof Installation Services for a Wide Range of Roofing Materials.

No one should ever take the decision for a new roof lightly. As parts of a big expenditure, you should look at the assets and drawbacks of various materials. Price should also form a consideration, as some roof materials cost much more than others. Of course, you also should look at different style elements and pick a roof material that appeals to your tastes as a homeowner. If you desire premier roof installation in Raleigh, NC. Roofwise represents the actual authority. Phone our team today at (919) 457-9089 if the time has arrived to choose a new roofing system for your home.

Materials for Your Roof Installation

When it comes to completing your roof installation, we are committed to making sure you get the right material for your home. Our staff works with the industry’s leading manufacturers to purchase the strongest roofing materials.  Here are some of the more popular roofing products we offer.

Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for a residential roof installation because they are an affordable roofing material. They also come in an abundance of kinds and colors, are easy to install, and function effectively in most climates. The basic longevity for asphalt shingles comes in around 20 years. When it comes to areas lacking, this longevity is farther down the measurable spectrum of other roofing materials. A chance for faded coloration additionally appears as a trait of aged asphalt shingles.

Roofers Completing a Tile Roof Installation

A Tile Roof Installation Can Protect Your Home From Fire Danger and Water Damage.

Slate and Tile: Slate and ceramic tiles can look beautiful on the right types of houses. Durability that can endure for a hundred years, a natural look, and top-tier fortitude against fire all characterize slate. Ceramic tiles may persist for over 60 years and additionally oppose fire to an extreme extent. A slate or tile roof installation is a very involved process that requires expert knowledge and skills. Fortunately, Roofwise has all the skills necessary to complete a high-end roof installation in Raleigh, NC. Give us a call at (919) 457-9089 to schedule the appointment today.

Metal Roofs: Metal roofs have an unparalleled strength, and have pre-sized sections to make installation speedy and efficient. If a metal roof installation is completed correctly, your roof will need very little maintenance. Two negatives for metal roofs involve a loss of shine with the passage of the years and the necessity for an exceptional roofing specialist for installation.

At Roofwise, we offer unequaled knowledge and services for your new roof installation in Raleigh, NC. With our team, you can move forward in the awareness that talented roofers will perform a flawless roof installation for any roofing product you select. Get in contact with the local experts whenever at (919) 457-9089 for any inquiries or to find time for service.