What is an Architectural Shingle?
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What is an Architectural Shingle?

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Shingles have been a mainstay roofing material for Americans and other countries for many decades. There are many different kinds of shingles available on the market, including …

  • Traditional Asphalt
  • 3-Tab
  • Architectural
  • Impact Resistant
  • Composite
  • Synthetic
  • and More!
Architectural Shingle

When homeowners need a roofing material that bridges the gap between classic asphalt and more expensive luxury shingles, architectural shingles are the ideal choice!

What is the Difference Between Regular and Architectural Shingles?

Architectural shingles are highly lauded nowadays for their superior endurance and wonderful design. Also known as “laminate shingles” this material is installed in a special layering process that features a very strong laminate coating. The result is a very sturdy roofing system that provides long term protection and security, especially against inclement weather.

Now architectural shingles are significantly thicker than traditional slim-cut shingles, which is the primary reason why it provides such sturdy protection. Their special layering also creates a lovely three-dimensional depth on your rooftop, providing some additional curb appeal. While typical asphalt shingles may be relatively cheaper to install, many architectural shingle materials come with generous warranties (up to 50 years)!

When Should I Choose Architectural Shingles Over Other Types?

Laminate shingles are a capable luxury roofing system that doesn’t break the bank. In terms of protective capability, architectural shingles offer incredible wind resistance (up to 120 mph). Combined with the heavier weight of the material, this reduces the likelihood of curling and torn-off shingles. That means fewer visits from your friendly neighborhood roofing company, limited repair costs over the years, and lower risk of developing costly leaks.

Call for Premium Architectural Shingle Installation!

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